Hoosier Horse Classic 2018

Last weekend, I had a chance to go with my mother-in-love, Sheryl to Region 13 Hoosier Horse Classic.  It’s a show put on by the Indiana Half Arabian Horse Club for Arabian/Half Arabian horses.  Originally we had planned to take her truck and trailer and haul Schatzi down with us to give her a little experience of going to a different place.  Unfortunately, the brakes to the trailer were off line and we couldn’t get them to work, so plans changed.

The judge’s box

Leading up to the weekend when I thought I’d be taking Schatzi with us, we were able to do a few things that we don’t normally do on the daily.  She’d never been in Sheryl’s new trailer, and normally she doesn’t give too much of a fuss, but doesn’t usually walk right in, so we practiced it first to make sure she’d be alright.  The turd walked right on and then when I asked her to, backed right out!  After we practiced with the trailer, we shaved her muzzle, ears, bridle path and legs.  They were getting a little out of control!  She was really good for everything but her ears.  Even still, she did a lot better with it than she had in the past, so I was happy with her!

Loved being able to hang out with this super cool lady!

Even though I wasn’t able to take Schatzi with me, I was still able to go on Saturday and help hand out ribbons and rosettes with Sheryl in the morning and then help open/close the gate for the classes under saddle  in the afternoon.  So either way, it was a win-win.  I got to spend time with her and watch some ponies.  The Dressage classes were under way when we arrived there in the morning, so I was able to go and watch a few.  If you’ve ever been to the Hoosier Horse Park in Edinburgh, IN., you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that it’s hard to sit there are watch more than a few horses at a time.  There is no shade and it was super hot that day, so I was only able to watch four or five riders before I couldn’t handle it anymore.  Taking an umbrella was not an option, because I didn’t want to spook anyone’s horse.  The arenas are nice, but I wish they would plant some trees or something that you can stand under and get out of the sun!

Dressage Classes

When I was thoroughly dried out by the sun, I made my way back to Baker Arena (covered arena and respite from the sun!) and watched some of the sport horse in hand classes.  It was actually really nice because I got to sit in the little space in the middle of the arena with Sheryl and talk a little bit with the judge in between classes.  She was a super nice lady and was willing to tell me what she was looking for in the horse’s conformation.  She also told me that if I wanted to learn as much as I could that I should be a scribe for a judge during a class.  I’ve heard this before (thanks Sheryl 🙂 ), so I suppose I need to get over my fear of screwing it up and just give it a try!  I honestly have no idea why I’m scared to try new things.  I guess I’m worried that people will get upset with me when I don’t do it right, but I know this is a worry I need to get over.  I don’t expect to be a “fearless” person, but brave will do!

Various halter and under saddle classes.  Some day I WILL win one of those ribbons!!!

The beautiful stallion in the halter picture above of course won a Grand Champion ribbon.  He and his handler were fun to watch.  He was probably the most chill stallion I’ve ever seen.  They looked like they were having fun and you could tell he trusted her and would do anything she asked him to.

Watching the classes under saddle was fun.  A few years ago, watching these types of classes made me a little sad, because it really made me want a horse of my own.  I was always jealous of the people that were out there riding and working toward their dreams.  Now I have my own horse.  And even though we don’t have a huge goal right now, that dream at least has come true for me.  So now when I watch those classes, I feel so lucky!  I keep trying to remind myself of this when I get frustrated that we aren’t farther along than we are.  The journey we’re on is our own and it’s on our own time line.  We’ll eventually get there.  Who knows….maybe we’ll be competing in next years Hoosier Horse Classic!

Have a great week!